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    Creatine on cycle.

    Many different opinions elsewhere. Most seem to be just guesses and theories.
    Some say itís pointless, some say why would you not still take it, save it for pct to retain strength, some even say double your dosage as steroids help creatine synthesis. Would love to hear opinions here. Although Iím sure they wonít differ much from what Iíve read elsewhere.

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    Of course you can take it om cycle. The only benifit i see from not taking it is when you come off cycle, you load up on creatine and it doesnt seem like you lost as many gains.
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    I have LITERALLY been using 5g of creatine ED for the last 20 years... GREAT stuff...
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    there's no reason to stop taking any supplements on cycle. Take everything on cycle that you take off cycle. Creatine facilitates and improves the first 10 second contraction phase, so you have more available ATP when doing a lift (in a very broad stroke nutshell).

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    I use one scoop of kreakong creatine blend by mutant with my preworkout shake or meal, seems to help solidify gains while on cycle, maybe due to the enhanced nitrogen retention and recovery who knows but I believe it helps and it's cheap!

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    i think it works in an intra-workout drink - mixed in the right combo with other stuff.

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    Over the years I have found that 5g in morning and 5 g post workout works best for me.
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    I mix 5g with my pre workout, but instead of knocking it all back before I just sip it throughout the workout.

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