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    Woke up and did 30 min on the recumbant bike this morning, I have a 1hour and 45 min break before going back to work 5:30-9 so I am doing chest in between....did legs yesterday...the gear is smooth, I have not had anything untoward happen in relation to the Vortex products...all very smooth and frankly seems to be well dosed based on how I feel and the changes I see in my body.
    Lift on NM....

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    Hey all, just a quick note...Back day today...should be a good one. Nothing extreme or out of the ordinary....pull ups, deads, bent rows, chain saw rows, and some close grip supinated pull downs. Hope everyone is doing well and having a great way done the week...

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    Shoulder work turns me on!
    Wait, what??.....oh, well yeah fuck it. It does....lmfao.....and thank fuck the wife is down with me being an animal after my trainingBigO's Vortex sponsored cycle and review log its at the point where she is asking if its shoulder day with a silly look on her girl!

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    A little stiff and sore today...took a day off and used the tens machine for 40-50 min in lower back, abs, and pecs. I like the feeling and I get a little pump which feels good. Gonna crush bi's and tri's tomorow and legs sunday.....have a great fri night NM!

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    Booo yah!! Bi's and tri's fucking 6 good strict reps on 3rd set of 185lbs e-z bar curls...feeling great though its gonna hurt tomorrow lol
    Used 80's for alternate curls all the way through 4 sets 10, 8, 8 and 7 reps....
    Life is good and I seem to be responding to my recent switch up in training...

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    Double post**

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    Legs yesterday, went well except for a crazy lower back pump that was near crippling by the end of my session. Pretty sure the reason for this was the speed in which I trained more than 30 seconds between all sets....extensions, squats, leg press, calf press and hamstring curls....4 of each no less than 8 reps for squats and upwards of 20-24 reps for extentions and presses. I fucking flew through this in 40ish min....mind you not too heavy though....315 for squats and 400 for leg presses but wow I felt the lack of break between the sets! Chest today! Have a good one NM!

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    Great log man!

    What GL do you train at?? I hit up Queen street in the mornings, and either St. Laurent or Heron on Saturdays for legs...
    Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds. -Henry Rollins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StRoNgOnE View Post
    Great log man!

    What GL do you train at?? I hit up Queen street in the mornings, and either St. Laurent or Heron on Saturdays for legs...
    I trained at Place D'Orleans for a few years, last few mostly at home but use fit for less walkley rd and Gloucester now as well.

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    Chest was is real hitches or painfull nagging aches, which is a huge blessing. I seem to be holding water the last few weeks...and maybe gaining a little weight(fatBigO's Vortex sponsored cycle and review log) fml...for the life of me I am not sure why. My diet is about the same, my training is more intence if anything and I am getting more than enough rest. Fuck I was looking to loose fat around my midsection to tighten up my waist line and for the last few weeks I feel like I am bulking. My arms and shoulders are leaner and I am almost getting a stoney/grainy look to my arms...but man the love handles are like 2 small bags that seem to fill up overnight...I hate being over

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