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    Quote Originally Posted by jagr68 View Post
    I always thought Hendricks was a victim of the new USADA testing. I recall GSP calling him out on steroids as well.
    You're right, USADA could well have played a role in his lessening performance, but he was also having serious weight-cutting issues. He had a hard weight-cut for his welterweight fight with Wonderboy, and then in his final two welterweight fights he missed weight - causing him to move up to middleweight.

    Then he began having weight-cut problems at middleweight also - even missing weight in the Tim Boetsch fight.

    But I agree, USADA could well have had an effect on his performance. Interesting bit of trivia: For a guy who used to have REAL knock-out power, he hasn't scored a single KO since USADA began testing in the UFC.

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    Lotsa possible answers in the Hendricks situation regarding the PED question but one thing seems very apparent. He is fat by most athletic standards and can't stop himself from stuffing crap into the hole in his face. Unless he has some crazy medical issue there is no excuse for a pro athlete with cash and access to all manner of professional resources at his disposal to miss weight because he is 20% body fat. I bet he could trim down enough to not even do a water cut at all.

    PS - I follow this stuff fairly closely and I do think he was juicing pre USADA, so much weird posturing and excuses from him especially with regard to the GSP deal.
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