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Thread: BPC somatropin

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    I'm just going to run it,eat clean and train hard and see what I get for gains..but should I run it the first or second half of my test cycle?? Or should I wait till my PCT??
    If you run a single good legit generic kit you will see absolutely nothing in gains. Standard protocol for muscle increase with good HGH is 6 - 8iu per day. You have about 15 days worth of HGH in one 120iu kit. HGH is not used as a short term hormone, you should use it for at least 6 months to see visible gains. If you had pharma grade then you would see more dramatic results. So essentially doing one kit is an absolute waste. If you're just curious then give it a go, yet don't expect to be able to judge whether that kit you have is real somatropin.

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    Thanks for the need for extra pinholes then. I'll run my test and see if I can trade this kit off for some food.

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    I liked it a lot, ran their PCT too

    Seems to have good reviews everywhere on fb?

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