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    This week has been 1/3 lb potatoes with some bacon fat and a scoop of protein powder.

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    I don't know what to think about the whole organic / natural movement anymore. First of all the "corn" we know is already heavily genetically modified:


    I wanted to join the all natural movement and shopped at a farm / natural store for a while. Found some wild caught salmon. Wow, that's going to taste GREAT, right? Well, it didn't. It was hard and dry and not even nearly as tasty as farmed salmon. I know I know the wild one is going to have more better Omega 3 but hey my blood work comes back perfect already so why bother eating something that's 2-3x the price and less tasty.

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    Right now it's oats with some fruit (banana and kiwi right now) and a whey isolate shake. I am trying to cut at the moment.
    If I'm not feeling oats I'll have some Pc organics rice cereal with banana.
    If I have time I'll make eggs (egg whites and a couple of regular eggs) vs the shake as they sure are a lot more tasty.
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