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    Everyone should be able to figure this out now!

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    followed this and actually am fucking around with mining altcoins like monero, zencoin, and ethereum... i dont make fuckall but its neat to start to understand it. waiting for my ledger in the mail and going for litecoin, ethereum and zencoin to purchase

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    I've purchased bitcoins through and it has worked alright for me. A bit cheaper than the BTC ATM machines in my area at least, and I don't have to leave the house.

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    - Do you guys just buy for a purchase amount or stack some money for longer terms ?

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    My experience paying with BitCoin was a pain in the ass for me and everyone involved so I will share it in hopes that someone else reads it and avoids the hassles that I went through.

    #1 If you are ever planning on using BitCoin as payment do yourself a favor and open a Quadriga account and start the verification process weeks in advance. It is simply a photo of your drivers licence, a photo of a bill or bank statement with your name and the same address as the Id, and a selfie of you holding you drivers licence and a piece of paper saying "ID verification for and todays date.

    I put in an order stating that I wanted to pay by BitCoin and waited for confirmation of my order thinking that paying by bitcoin would be as easy as buying a pair of shoes from an online store.

    #2 If you fail to follow #1 you will need to buy flexepin vouchers in order to add funds to your account to buy bitcoin. If your city is anything like mine when you search for flexepin vendors in your area you will get a bunch that won't know what your talking about when you phone. You are looking for places that sell vouchers similarly to pre-paid phone minutes not the machines that sell bitcoin. From what I saw at the machines they would charge anywhere from 5 to 10% plus the bitcoin price would be inflated $1000 above the going rate. The sponsor later gave me a list of places that sell flexepin vouchers that was much more accurate than what I had found in my search.

    #3 Remember your transaction pin. I don't know if any of you are as stupid as me but after wasting abou 5 hrs driving around unsuccessfully the previous weekend and giving up and waiting the entire week to be verified to no avail. I finally went out and purchased the flexepin I needed to pay for my order only to totally blank when asked for my transaction pin. I was able to reset the pin but had to wait 24hrs for them to release the hold on my account. During the 24hrs the price of bitcoin dropped so I had to purchase more vouchers to cover my order and found a place 5min from me that sells them. If there is a chain store far away that sells vouchers and you have one closer to you phone them and check you can save some driving.

    After this experience I now know I could have gotten everything done in less than an hour but instead waisted about five hours driving around and a whole week waiting. Don't be like me lol
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