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    Long shot (Annulus Fibrosis Tear)

    So as many of you know, about 3-4 years ago I was attempting too muxh weight on a deadlift and felt a shear in my vertebrae along with a big pop.

    Couldnt walk without hobbling and an MRI showed 3 herniated disks at L4/L5 and L5/S1.

    I kept high dose testosterone and was self employed at the time so I couldnt take time off and hoped it would heal on its own. well I have been blasting and cruising since and always lept a good amount of muscle and activity. Pain was easily managable.

    3.5 years later

    Daughter was born 8 months ago and training had taken a backburner for a few months and my wife wanted me back on trt dosage (100mg/w script which isnt enough) and over the course of a month my symptoms return. localized vertebrae pain from nerve pinching, numb medial second toe, limited hip flexion and knee extension. One day I couldnt move at work and had to go on medical leave.

    Here is my issue. I had an updated MRI but since the disk bulges in and out on a daily basis... the new mri was done on a good day and the disk was in place.

    I sent the mri images for a second opinion to my sisters husband who is a radiologist too and he said I have torn annulus fibrosis.

    I am now out of options... they cant keep giving me mris trying to get it done when my disk is out its literally fine one day and constant pain the next.

    I wish I lived in the states where I could just pay for an mri when my disk is obviously bulging.

    any ideas? I am running out of them and doctors began to think I was lying until I got the second radiologist to look at it

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    Wouldn't a chiro just know.

    I know they do x-ray, but don't know if it would show it.

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    That sucks man! No advice for you but I assume there should be some kinda procedure for this. You almost need to go to another doctor and demand something be done. Good old Ontario health. Make you wait until the very end until they’ll do anything

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    unfortunatly if the annulis is torn it's gotta heal with time and without flaring it, and you're going to get all those crazy up and down days; all based on how much torsion is placed on the affected segments. A local annular tear will give focused hot searing pain in the back with no referral down the leg. Are you getting referral down the leg? into the whole foot or one nerve segment? A disc herniation you know will refer to specific nerve segments, while an entire foot will be referred from the glute region where the sciatic nerve is clamped. Unfortunatley, there are no surgical indications if a disc even does 'pop in and out' because it's not a structural jamming causing motor function loss, so you're out of luck. You have to go back into basic rehab training, do proper back and core strengthening, work on doing sloppy push up exercises, and avoiding deep lumbar spine flexion and rotation movements. It will take a lot of work on your end to do this but it will always get better, and through time, the stability of the back will improve and things will scar down.

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